Counter Tops


Here are a sample of counter tops to give you an idea of what’s available. If you have any requests, we can certainly meet them!

marble countertop.jpg


Growing with popularity due to the endless choices of colour. Marble being a softer material will need more care than granite, but with proper care will last just as long.

marble countertop.jpg


Today’s laminates are offered in hundreds of colours and patterns, including designs that mimic authentic stone.



Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. The beauty and elegance of granite makes it the most prestigious and practical counter top. No two slabs of granite are the same. Each piece is like a unique work of art.

quartz countertop.jpg


Quartz is a beautiful, rich, man-made stone surface that offers many benefits. Quartz counters are non-porous, easy to clean and never need sealing or re-sealing.

slate countertop.png


Slate can provide an elegance and sophistication to counter tops. Slate is one natural material that has both the strength and durability of granite and marble but without the constant maintenance and care these other surfaces require.